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Aircraft Dismantling

Aircraft Dismantling Specialists

We have 40 years of experience in Aircraft part-out and disposal and we are professional efficient and environmentally aware. We specialise in services including but not limited to Aircraft Dismantling, Aircraft Decommissioning, Aircraft Recycling, Aircraft end of life, & Aircraft Scraping. We have a specialist team of engineers with many years experience in Parts Recovery.

We have in place a Bespoke Environmental Agency License which has the added bonus of the License being mobile. This translates to our Company being able to deploy our decommissioning services at any site throughout the world.

We come to you and can deploy our license in your hanger or on your ramp.

We also can provide a ‘fly-in’ service, we can accommodate up to A320 and B737 size Aircraft. We are a registered and approved I.S.O 9001 and I.S.O 14001 company. We have references from major airlines throughout the world which can be viewed on request.